Seen What? | Welcome to the Havn’Chu Seen Blog

Welcome to our blog!

Wondering what this blog will be about? Well, a little bit of everything!

We want this blog to be a lifestyle blog featuring what we enjoy the most or things we find interesting when we are out of the mundane 9 – 5 work schedule (and Claus’ 8 – 6). That’s why we call this the feel-good station.

We want this blog to be as light-hearted as possible, where you can discover fun, cute and great stuff!

We are the writers, a couple, that can be categories as nerds. Yes, as in gamers but also nerds of the things of our own interests. Hopefully this is why this blog will be a bit of everything and a well-rounded one. Somewhere we can document things that generate good vibes for ourselves and hopefully to the world! #Happysharing

Oh, and we are suckers for cute things… does that already give you an idea or even set the tone? 😉

From this post to the future ones, you will find content about:

  • Games
  • Cute Stuff
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • DIY
  • Home Decor
  • Food!
  • Daily Experiences
  • Entertainment
  • Misc. Nerdy Stuff
  • Etc.

Want to know more about the writers? Go to our ‘about’ page: What is ‘Havn’Chu Seen?’?

– Melissa & Claus –


  1. Hi Melissa and Claus! Welcome to the world of blogging and to the community. I’ll be looking out for your posts 😊 What’re you thinking of posting about first?


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