Big Fat Stuffed Unicorn Slippers – Cuteness Overloaded

cute big stuffed unicorn slippers with rainbow

While it’s nice and fresh, this will be one of the first post of the blog!

Not going to lie, I have a unicorn craze even if it’s so 2016 and at the age of 25 (–honestly, I don’t care, I like it). For this Christmas, my younger sister got me a pair of stuffed unicorn slippers and these, in particular, are too adorable. I think they are much different than other standard stuffed slippers. I almost feel like they have done these stuffed slippers to a perfection without ruined the actual creature/animal’s look that they are trying to fabricate!

…Trust me, I had worse in the past and gave me nightmares when I was a child.

So why I love these so much?The way these slippers are made for your foot to slip-in is perfect. They are super stuffed, they keep you warm all around your feet and you won’t trip or lose them when you walk down the stairs! Side story, last year my sister got me some standard slippers (only covers the front of the foot and open from the back) with a unicorn head sticking out from the top. I had so much trouble going up and down the stairs, because they would slip off from my feet and I will need to spread my toes to be able to grip from the inside… anyway, it was some dangerous day back then.

The look of the slippers is so cute because it’s so stuffed, they look like fat chibi unicorns. And the shape of the head it’s just so nicely cut and proportional. The horn has nice “detailing” with the very soft rainbow mane and tail. My favourite part of these slippers is its limbs! They are so short, chubby and cute! Each time I look at them, I just want to do a small handshake with them.

The fact is, the slippers’ every single detail is so well done, I think it’s what makes it an amazing product.

While supplies last, if you live in Canada, you can get them at Ardene.
Or I found a very similar pair on AliExpress.

Melissa xo’

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