House Of Lashes x Sephora: Versailles Eyeshadow Palette | Review + Swatches

Can we take a moment to admire the look of this box? It’s so freakin’ cute. Sitting in front of this box while doing my makeup, my surroundings just suddenly turned into a bourgeois-styled bedroom. AH! that bougie life. Well, the name of the palette does set the mood already: Versailles Eyeshadow Palette by House of Lashes x Sephora Collection

My room magically turns into this.. yeah

I bought this palette on January 25 on the Sephora’s website. I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular and found this palette in the sales sections for 44$ instead of 56$. At that time, I think the palette was new at the store because there was only around 5 reviews. There were mixed comments about the pigmentation of the eyeshadow. It’s a 50/50, some say the pigmentation is great, other would say the colour payoff is really bad. While I was reading the comments, I expected the product to be a so-so quality because it does seem a bit of a gimmick… but can’t help it when you are a packaging junkie. So product SOLD!

With that being said, even if the packaging won my heart, the review of the shadows will not be biased!house of lashes and sephora collections versailles eyeshadow paletteThis collection has another palette called The Secret Garden and 2 other sets of liners. The Secret Garden has more greens and warm-toned shadows and the Versaille one is a little more conservative with blues and cool-toned eyeshadows. Both packagings also have different colours to go with the eyeshadow selections. The Versailles one is with the baby blue background and the other with pink.

The Packaging:

When it arrived in the mail, the palette comes in a box packaging with the same illustration as the cover. The packaging of the actual product is made with a sturdy hard cardboard with a matte finish and some varnish flower details. You need to lift the top cover to open the palette. The cover is held by a pink ribbon so it can stay up to use the big mirror while you put on your make up comfortably.

The eyeshadow palette can be removed by lifting on the small ribbon from the front. The packaging also comes with a second drawer with a House Of Lashes eyelash glue and a platform to store 3 pairs of eyelashes. Since I don’t wear many lashes, I can take out the eyelash tray and put something else in it. Most probably a few pieces of jewelry since the height of the space is not very tall.

The Shadows:

In the Versailles palette, it comes with 16 shadows, 7 shimmer metallic ones and 9 mattes. The tray that holds the shadows is made with card paper stock and it also comes with a transparent film on top with the shadows’ name on it.

On the Sephora website, it says the shadows are with a luxurious finish and with high payoff.

After swatching them, I would definitely validate that the shadows are soft and “luxurious” finish (whatever that means, but I think I get it). I would replace the word luxurious with “velvet” texture. They don’t give a cheap-dry drugstore feeling. The colours are pretty intense, so definitely it does payoff.sephora-house-of-lashes-versailles-eyeshadow-palette-swatch-02

The only shadow that didn’t work out…..

The only colour I think it didn’t work out was Dusk, the second from the first row. It is very dry and powdery. As I have it on my arm, it only has shimmers and glitters on my skin and it feels like it won’t stay for very long. Compared to the other shimmer metallic shadows, Dusk is definitely a miss because the other feels softer and finner, which makes the shadow more pigmented.

Final thoughts:

Do I recommend it? I would say yes but not a solid yes. I think for 44$ (or 56$) you can definitely find a better palette because, let’s be honest, you can buy a Too Faced palette for 55$. Although, I would also like to highlight that you do get 16 shadows (instead of 12 if you compared to Too Faced) and the quality of them is not too shabby.

If you like to get things because of their packaging and into vintage style, I would definitely say a YESSU! It’s not a travel, compact kind of palette, but it does add a cute piece of decoration on your vanity.

I really like to place it on my working desk, as it directly seats in front of my window compared to my vanity, so I get better light when applying makeup. Also the fact that I get to sit comfortably in my desk chair while getting ready. The mirror is large and you can see your whole face and it stands just right at the good angle for your applications.

The only thing I would have wished…

Though, since it’s a collab with House of Lashes, I would have expected that the palette actually came with a pair of falsies. I would rather they increase the price by a few bucks (if they need) and make me feel that I did buy a value pack than just simply for a cardstock packaging with 16 shadows and a glue…

… Other than that, this is definitely a nice piece and a special palette you can get and have on your table. It’s just something you won’t see out of your ordinary Sephora shopping.

Melissa xo’

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