Cute Couple Comics Of What Relationships Are Like by Mrs. Frollein | #happySharing

I was scrolling through Facebook on February 15th and found these cute couple comics by Valérie Minelli, aka @mrs.Frollein on Instagram.

They are just so cute and relatable too. The ones I found was posted by a page featuring a few of her works, illustrating of what it is like in a relationship. Of course, I have to share it with Claus and a few of those, reminded us a lot of what we have experienced. Literally, no jokes, 100% accuracy!

By reading these short comics, we can’t help but giggle and talk about our memories. It was indeed quite funny thinking back.

Because of this blog is all about sharing what is enjoyable to us, here are few the comics strips we find so funny and literally happened to us. haha! ❤


Not sure why, but I always like to smell Claus’ beard… lol – Melissa
Mrs. Frollein cute couple comic strips real relationship life
That, always, bloated stomach of mine! – Melissa
Sometimes it can be a little traumatizing, but you can’t help being impressed as well – Claus

The innocent and cute portrayal of every day life with your significant other that makes it all so worthwhile is probably the best part of her comics. Those cute short moments that make you smile, laugh or just feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

We hope you enjoy her work as much as we do!

// Melissa & Claus

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