A Netflix Show for All Foodies: ‘Somebody Feed Phil’

Here again, I am writing about a Netflix show that is all about food! For some odd reasons, I find myself enjoying foodie shows. Not a big fan of watching TV but I recently discovered that I am attracted to food shows. Not cuisine shows but simple a documentary style, where I can discover the different types of dishes from different cultures.

Last time, I wrote about my love for the ‘The Big Family Cooking Showdown‘. Right after, I found this one that I really want to share: ‘Somebody Feed Phil‘.

This one is a particularly special one. Special as in, not a tradition chef going into a restaurant and try out dishes. For this show, imagine yourself going to different countries and trying out local restaurants, street foods and also discovering hidden gems in the country where you can visit or learn about their culture.

somebody feed phil one of the best netflix food show cover

Phil, the host of the show, is no big chef or someone who knows exactly what he is eating. More like a real foodie who likes to eat, enjoys every bite and appreciates the moments. I think what makes this show most successful for me is: I can actually relate to this guy. I can easily place myself in his shoes. Instead of those fancy chef be like: ‘Ah, yes, the art of this plate is fantastic. The spices give an extra touch, blablabla….’ and say it’s delicious to every plate, Phil will actually ask questions to his local crew members questions and would genuinely taste the food like any other regular people/tourists and would say if it’s to his ally or not.

The ‘Someone Feed Phil’ Show is a very short series of 6 episodes. Each is about a country, from Asia to the US. The places Phil visited were:

  1. Bankok, Thailand
  2. Saigon, Vietnam
  3. Tel Aviv, Israel
  4. Lisbon, Portugal
  5. New Orleans, US
  6. Mexico City, Mexico

The pattern of the episodes always includes 3-4 rural/local food places, 1 high-end restaurant and 1 place to visit that you normally won’t go as a tourist in general.

The place I think the series really made me want to go would be Thailand. Just because of their awesome street food, local restos and night markets. Another thing that is so cool is the fine-dining with 25-course Emoji Menu, called GAGGAN. I mean… how cool is that!? Definitely, a resto that I need to visit… If ever I go to Thailand or Emoji would be still a thing.

Picture from hypebeast.com


Other than that, I really enjoyed the show because it’s not like those food show with an ‘I know everything’ chefs. Phil is just a really uplifting character and it shows how he enjoys being a tourist and trying local foods and great small restaurants when he almost doesn’t know anything cooking. It’s almost as if you are going on a trip with a friend. When finished episode 6, I was pretty bummed out because I expected Phil bringing me to more places in the world. I guess I just need to wait for the season 2. I cross my fingers.

Melissa’s rating: 8/10
IMBd: 8/10

Melissa xo’

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