Lookfantastic: A UK Beauty Subscription box – Review

lookfantastic monthly beauty subscription box review

Lookfantastic box is a monthly beauty subscription box from the UK. I am quite picky with my subscription boxes because I want something that is one of a kind.

If you are a fan of packagings, a magazine lover and prefer to receive skincare product for the majority of the time, this one is for you!

lookfantastic monthly beauty subscription box review

I have subscribed to a 6-months package and the March 2018 box was my last one. You will not find any other post about this box because I didn’t really know what to write about the products when they are all skincare. So I decided to write a review on the overall of the box.The box retails for 22$ CAD plus shipping (6 months package). It comes with:

  • ELLE UK magazine
  • A booklet presenting this box’s products and other products featured on their website that you can purchase
  • 6 beauty products
  • … and some pretty paper spaghetti confetti 🎊

During this course of 6 months, I noticed a few things:

  • Most of the products you get a skincare based. If you are expecting to get makeup items, there might be only 1 or 2 of it or maybe in some boxes, you won’t be getting any.
  • The skincare products are mostly for anti-ageing, collagen and dewy looking complexion. All about staying looking young and feeling good. The Skincare products include masks, hand masks, bath bombs, serums, moisturizers, serum, sleeping spray, etc.
  • If you get makeup products, prepare yourself to get more “conservative” themed item. Which I mean, no crazy colour eyeshadows, no beaming highlighters, no crazy lipsticks. Just staying in the comfort zone.
  • The brands you receive will not be “popular” brands that you will find at Sephora or your local Walmart. I think most of the brands from the box are more popular in Europe.

What I really like about this box is, they craft the box according to the month’s theme: the design of the box, the products, the colours, the booklet and magazine… everything is very thought through for each month. For example, for February it is Valentine’s day, so that box was more about looking pretty on a date and it was pink and red. Or it was International Women’s day for March, so they made a really cool art of a woman on the box with products to make you feel and look bold. The creativity put together makes me very excited for each month.

The shipping is quite fast, 4 boxes out of the 6 arrived at the beginning of the month, at around the 10th day. Considering that I live in Canada and this box is shipped straight from the UK, I think it’s pretty fast. The only thing that I am really concerned is the outer box they use for the subscription box. It is a very thin corrugated brown box printed with Lookfantastic on it. Most of my subscription boxes are being dented one way or the other due to the shipping.

On a note: there was 1 month, my box got held at the customs and you will get contacted by a logistics company called Citilogistics Callcenter or Ezclear. It’s my very first time encounter something like this and I thought it was a bit sketchy. However, they will give you a link to pay the custom fees, after you pay it with your paypal, your parcel will arrive after 2-3days.

I also love to repurpose these boxes.

These boxes have such cool designs and sturdy that they deserve to be repurposed. They are awesome to use for storage, dividing things, use as organizers or just being a piece of decorations. It’s something I enjoyed about this subscription box since I can use everything I received including the packaging itself and they just make the space looks so much better.

lookfantastic monthly beauty subscription box reviewlookfantastic monthly beauty subscription box reviewlookfantastic monthly beauty subscription box review

– Melissa xo’

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  1. :O
    That doesn’t seem very legit, indeed… Did you try contacting the lookfantastic company to let them know about that weird company who held hostage your delivery?
    If they ship through Canada Post, the government is the one asking for duty money and you usually have to pay when you receive the parcel. If they use another transporter for your boxes, the lookfantastic company might not even be aware of that happening!


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