Montréal & Poutine: “Ma Poule Mouillée”, somewhere you must try that is not talked about enough!

If you haven’t read our bio page, we are a long distance couple, one lives in Montreal 👩🏻 and the other 👨🏻 in Denmark. So when the Dane came to the Land of Poutine for the first time, the Montreal GF needed to bring him to try poutine. Ever since we went to this place called “Ma Poule Mouillée” it has been our tradition every time Claus visits.

Ma Poule Mouillée is one the best poutine places and it’s really underrated. So put this on your bucket list for when you come for a visit!

Ma Poule Mouillée is a Portuguese restaurant known for their grilled chicken opened to the public since 2013. They have the juiciest chicken, they always have at least 10 chicken racks roasting on charcoal in front of you and that’s how you can tell how good their chickens are. Aw Yass! The place is always crowded, even more during peak hours. During summer there’s always a lineup but it is worth the wait.  montreal_portugese_chicken_on_charcoal

So, THE poutine…

They sell the poutine in 2 sizes, either a small and a large. They are very generous with the portion, even for other dishes. The small ones are $8 and the large is about $12. The large portion is good for 2 people.

Ma poule Mouillée Portuguese chicken poutine

What makes it so good and special to us:

The poutine has the essentials, it has fries, cheese curds and brown sauce. Of course, they have their juicy chicken served with their special Portuguese sauce with sausage slices. You can order it with spicy or non-spicy Portuguese sauce.

montreal best poutine ma poule mouillee chicken poutine

Claus’ thoughts:

Before I came to Canada I had never tried or even heard of, Poutine. My initial thought when Melissa told me it was fries, cheese curds and brown sauce, was that it couldn’t be very special. After all, brown sauce and potatoes are the staple of all Danish food, so I wasn’t expecting much. Nevertheless, we went and waited in line like you always do in Montréal, and just before my patience for line-standing was running out, we got our dish. It looks invitingly tasty and smells even better!

The taste is just perfect, with every ingredient standing out for every bite you take. Apparently, sausages and chicken are not part of poutine as standard but are a nice addition which makes the meal pretty filling. Turns out, poutine is not your standard brown sauce and potatoes! The spicy sauce doesn’t ruin the taste of the main dish, but is just spicy enough to add a nice twist to the otherwise great experience.

I have tried poutine other places as well now, but none of them have even gotten close to the one we get at Ma Poule Mouillée. Every time I visit and Melissa asks if we should get poutine, I don’t even have to ask where. Go check it out for yourself if you want a tasty treat!

The restaurant has seating places so you can enjoy your meal with the lovely smell of chicken being cooked in the background but if you would rather eat out in the open it is right next to the Fontaine park (Parc La Fontaine), so if you visit during summer it is possible to bring the food with you, and have a little picnic. After all, it’s the perfect comfort food, and you can eat it with only a fork!

Melissa’s thoughts:

I am not a die-hard fan of poutine and maybe because poutine is so hyped about such a Montreal thing, I set the bar higher. To be honest, I tried La Banquise, that is RIGHT across of the restaurant, for at least 3 times and it doesn’t wow me at all. I’m not even sure why everyone is raving about it when Ma Poule Mouillée is a 100 times better. Their poutine is awesome, as when you take every bite you taste all the different things. You can taste what is the chicken, the sauce, the cheese, the sausage, instead of everything that is on your plate taste only like poutine…

That special sauce though, uh, just so good! And I think they actually sell it in bottles too.

Looking at their menu though… I think I want to try them all! #IloveChicken

We wish you happy Poutine-ing!

/Melissa & Claus


  1. Oh, myy! Can’t wait to try it this summer ❤ and YES!!! Can't agree more on the Banquise line. Definitely not the best poutine in Montreal…

    You should try Ashton's next time you're in Quebec city, they too have a special sauce that is to die for :). But the best fancy poutine I've ever had is from La Korrigane (also in Quebec city). The ambiance, the ale… Their "chimi" poutine was cherry on top of another fantastic weekend in la Vieille Capitale.
    Can't wait to read more culinary experiences from you two!

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