Another Cute and Up Beat Music: Snail’s House × Moe Shop – Pastel

Snail's House x Moe Shop Pastel - Upbeat and Cute music

Art from the music video, by Noel.


Here is another wonderful find of a cute beat for your day! Claus introduced me to Snail’s House since we found out we both like “cute” beats.

This came up the other day on my Youtube recommended list. Snail’s House leans more towards the cute and dreamy-ish beats and Moe Shop’s style is more cute, upbeat and glam-ish style. Almost like you are walking in New York with all the colourful lights.

So the music I want to present to you is called Pastel. The outcome of these 2 artists mixed together, well, it’s nothing but awesome! It has the very cute aspect of Snail’s House and with the upbeat style of Moe Shop. I think this is one of the music that can start off my day in a very good mood and I hope it’s the same thing for you!

This blog music category is to share what we like and mostly what we think it’s cute. We like cute stuff. So, feel free to follow the blog for uplifting shenanigans and non-sense things to fill up your day! haha ❤ 

-Melissa ox’

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