Catana Comics Merch – Super Cute Couple Comics

Catana comics couple matching premium t-shirts

Lately Melissa and I have been following Catana Comics for her very relatable super cute comics about couple life. One day she posted on her Instagram that she was offering a 20% rebate on all her merchandise, and I instantly thought about getting Melissa and I something with one of her print on.

I decided to go with a couple of T-Shirts, which can be found under the ‘Merch’ section of her web shop. It will open to Redbubble who are the suppliers of her merchandise. I ordered two of their premium quality T-Shirts, and I must say I am quite satisfied with the results!

Melissa and I with our cheesy T-shirts

Not 5 minutes after I placed the order and received my confirmation, Melissa asked me which print I like, since she wanted to get us something from the store. Talk about a coincidence!

The T-Shirts themselves are of very nice soft fabric, with a pretty good weight to them, though the stitches are a little bit flimsy in some areas. The prints are awesome! Just don’t do like we did, and forget to turn the clothes inside-out when you wash them, or the print will fade after the first wash (It even tells you on the packaging, so we are just daft).

If you are interested in some cute t-shirts, hoodies or the likes, check out Catana Comics webshop, or if you are interested in just wholesome cute comics, check her out on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.


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