Nakeup Face Cushion Foundation Shade 23 | Review

Nakeup Face Powder Cushion Foundation shade 23 review

Ok, summer it’s in a month and I’ve been looking into a foundation with SPF because I need to start preventing my skin from ageing. Ever since I hit 26, I started to freak out. Cushion foundation is no news, but I’ve been wanting to try them because they look like a very handy product and they make you have a Korean flawless skin.

I’ve tried several of Korean foundation (or BB creams) before and they never end up well on my skin. I have combination skin but definitely on the oilier side and especially during summer. Since Korean makeup is all about dewy skin, the foundations always break up and enhancing my dry patches. Another problem that I always have is that they are always too light for me. Either they have a grey undertone that makes me look dead, from the inside and out, or it doesn’t match my skin tone even if I get the deepest shade from their line.

After several years have passed, I decided to give another Korean foundation a try because I think Korean beauty has a wider foundation selection containing SPF.

When I was shopping on YESSTYLE, I found Nakeup Face Coverking Powder Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ 15g with a reasonable price. It is retailed for 29.97$ and it was on sale for 23.65$. I tried to look for quick reviews on google but I couldn’t find much information on this product other than reviews from the site. In the description, it says that it suits all skin type, especially for oily skin. I have light to medium skin tone and I purchased their darkest shade, #23. From the reviews on the site, the majority of the people really likes it.

I tried the product and I have a few things to say. I did give it a few tries and every time is the same result.

Since there wasn’t much online reviews on this product, I would like to give out my opinion as a combination oily skin gal, who has some eczema and dry spots.

The product finish: it does give a very nice powdery finish and flawless looking skin. When on camera or from far, your skin looks super filtered. It is definitely not a dewy kind of foundation. If you are looking for a dewy finish, Nakeup Face does carry a dewy series too. However, even if dries down matte, you can feel the product on top of your skin. The product does move around, even if you powder it, it will still move. When you gently sweep your fingers over it after powder, the product definitely will come off. So if you are planning to wear a white shirt or to hug someone, well don’t wear this foundation.

P.S. It’s funny how Asian foundation, or makeup in general, is all about making you look younger but for some odd reasons, all of their foundations make me look even older! Especially with this powdery finish.


Coverage: the coverage would be medium to full with a pink undertone. Was quite surprised coming from a Korean brand and from a cushion foundation!


Performance: Definitely not long wearing. I have combination-oily skin. After a few 2-3 hours of wear, my skin started to peak through the foundation. The foundation started to break apart. When up-close, my skin does not look flattering. The product gathers up in the dry patches and pores. From the Korean/Asian foundations I tried so far, they all have the same reaction with my skin. So one word of advice, make sure to thoroughly exfoliate your skin to make sure the foundation does not catch in the dead skin.

nakeup face powder foundation 23 review close up
Not really flattering to photograph, but for the sake of the review

Scent: It has a very strong fragrance… it smells like the white-oval Dove soap bars, literally. It is so strong that when you walk around, it seems like you are carrying 2 halves on your cheeks. But surprisingly, the fragrance did not break me out.

Final thoughts: This product is definitely not for me. I would rather like to stick with my e.l.f liquid foundation. After trying this whole “cushion” feature, I think I would prefer to stay with a damp sponge or brush. After applying this foundation with the cushion concept, it gives a feeling that the foundation is sitting on the skin than being blended in. The powdery finish makes my face a bit cakey and it did not give a natural look for my personal taste. I also think that when I put any other pigment on top, such as blush and contour, the foundation will move while blending my brush and contour, and if I don’t use blush or contour, I will look like a beige egg…

So for my personal taste, I wouldn’t recommend this product, especially if you have the same skin type. It’s super easy to smudge off, even if you powdered already. It has a very strong soap scent even after I wash up the swatch on my arm, I still smell the product.

-Melissa xo’

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