Too Faced’s Just Peachy Mattes Palette ๐Ÿ‘ | My Summer Look Palette

too faced just peachy mattes eye shadow review

There’s nothing new about this palette. You already have seen this one since last year and there’s tons of review out there already. However, the Just Peachy Mattes palette has been my go-to makeup item for this summer! So it deserves a blog post. haha!

I got this as my last year’s Christmas gift and it has been my favourite palette ever since. โค๏ธ Ever since last fall, I’ve been really into the subtle 1 colour eyeshadow looks, especially with muted pink shades.

And because it’s summer, we gotta brighten up the colours more!

I never owned a Too Faced Palette before, but oh boy, I have never used shadows that blend so easily and effortless. I mean I used Colourpop, Urban Decay, Kat Von D and others, nothing beats this. The longevity and the colour pay off are great! I wore it for a whole 8 hours, the colours stay the same!


And of course, Too Faced always have to make palettes that smell delicious. If I need to describe a dish like a chef, I would say: It doesn’t smell only like peaches from a can, *taste and sniff* but it smells like a creamy peach milk pudding. ๐Ÿ‘ย In fact, on the back of the case, it claims to be infused with peach and sweet fig cream in it. Well, I guess I got the cream part right!

I am not a shimmery eye look girl, so this palette is just right for me. I can do different eye-looks with just with this one palette. It has a great colour range from light shades for highlight to dark shades from smokier or deeper looks, last but not least, it also has great transition shades depending on the theme of your makeup you want to do for that day.

simple pink eye look with too faced peach mattes for summer
Used the shadows from the 2nd column of the palette, paired with Chocolate Dipped for a soft natural eyeliner look

The Just Peachy Mattes palette has 12 different warm and pink tone shadows. Even if the shades are placed from light to dark, they are also placed strategically in quads for a full eye looks. So it is, definitely, a great palette for those who struggle a little more with colours combinations when doing makeup. If you want to follow a row or a column for your look, your makeup will be always on point because the curation of the shades is so well placed!

too faced peach mattes burgundy night look
Used the shadow from the 3rd column to transform my day look (prev picture) to a night look

My favourite and the shades I used the most are Peach Tea, Peach Cobbler, Just Peachy, Peach Punch and Fresh-Picked. Obviously, they are “THE” stars๐ŸŒŸ of the palette, but those shades are great transition shades and also can be easily be worn on its own without looking too much. Kathleen Lights has made me love the one colour look makeup since last year.Too faced just peachy matte eye shadow palette

Another thing that I think it’s great about the palette it is the design and how travel-friendly the packaging is. I find that many of the palettes out there are designed only for the “looks” and how “fancy” they are. Often times, they put a lot of space in-between or all around the shadows, or shadows are placed in different directions, etc. So in the end, the palette becomes super bulky and wasting unnecessary space. On the other hand, this palette is great.

Even if it has 12 shadows, which is a good amount of products and the palette is smaller than my hand. The packaging is made of high-quality plastic which is super sturdy without filling heavy and with a great magnet closure that feel super sturdy without being difficult to open. The thing I appreciate the most if the huge mirror that takes up the whole palette size! Since the palette is of a great size and shape, the mirror makes it so easy to be picked up and do your full makeup. And for me, this palette contains all the shades I want for different looks, so all of these good points are what makes it my #1 travel palette.

I know that this year, fiery red and burn colours are very popular. And every brand came out with at least 1 palette with fire and warm tones. Those are really bold colours, but if you are the kind of person who is looking for a palette with more subtle and wearable colours, this one is worth your consideration!

-Melissa xo’

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