My Mani Dryer – A New Beauty Tool To My Collection

manicure pedicure nail polish fan dryer

This is not the most glorious item to talk about and you might be thinking, what on earth is this when looking at the picture. But this nail polish dryer has help my manicure life by a lot!

I was a nail art fanatic back when I was in high school. I was super inspired and having new nail design every week and I would spend a lot of my free time drawing on my nails. At that time I never really had a problem with my nail polish drying, especially when you do designs, there are more layers to dry. Later during my University years, I  simply painted my nail with 1 colour or 2 but weirdly enough, I suddenly have a huge problem to get them to dry! It would take hours.

Do you have the same problem too?…

I am really not sure about the real deal here. I would paint my nails on a Saturday morning, with the base coat, the colour – sometimes 2 coats, and a top coat, and on the next morning, my nails still get linen marks from my covers after a night sleep. My mani was done more than 12 hours and still not dried yet? I don’t get it. #cantRelate. I sometimes even put the top coat on the next day just to be sure the layers are properly dried. But that would be 50/50 chance.

I always wondered if I was too retarded that I don’t know how to paint my nails. I have done all the things that Youtube nail gurus teach me, but still no luck. Unless the environment that I do my nails in is what makes it difficult to dry?

I think everyone should have this nail fan/dryer. Just sayin’. Even if you have no problem to get your polish to dry, this will make it even faster!

In my desperate moments, I remembered that I saw a dryer that was specifically for the manicure 5 years ago.  So I went on eBay and bought this dryer for $5 CAD and it had solved my nail polish drying issue! It might sound ridiculous, but painting and drying my nails process got down from 12hours+ down to less than 1 hour. 

This dryer is listed on eBay as “Nail Dryer” and it comes in different colours. The picture and the packaging is depicted with the hand but this can also be used for pedi as well! I would also say that it works better for feet because it is shaped as a pedal but it works for your hand as good too. You only need to press on the pad and the air will come out from the vent area and it uses 2 AA batteries.


All I need to do is to put on my base, 2 coats of colour and a top coat. I use the dryer for around 5 to 10 minutes in between each coat while watching a few YouTube video. And voila, there is your pretty mani!


I definitely recommend you to buy this. It’s really useful and even if you have your nail game top notch, a quicker process is always the best.

-Melissa xo’

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