My Colourpop loot – Lux lipsticks review & swatches (Pt. 1)

– I ordered Colourpop mainly for their Lux Lipsticks. –

I always preferred bullet lipsticks than any other kind because they are much more comfortable. When Colourpop launched their Lux Lipsticks, Youtubers was really selling it. Not only it sounds like a great product, but their packaging is also great and bullet design is very cute.

Even if Colourpop is known for their lippies sticks and liquid lipsticks, they never worked for me. Either the liquid lipsticks continuously oxidizes on my lips throughout the day, they also leave a weird bright pink tint to my lips. And I am hoping that the Lux lipstick won’t do the same.

colour pop lux lipstick swatch in Check please, On Display, Name Drop, Electric Feel

– Swatches of the Lux Lipstick I bought –



Electric Feel – matte finish
This is a warm nude colour with an orange undertone. Normally a warm undertone nude never goes well with my pink and blue undertoned skin. But this oddly has the right amount of orange to go with my skin. I think it’s perfect for the Fall Season because of the tan I got from summer and goes well with the Fall colours. This is definitely Claus’ and my favourite one. And the colour reminds me of Maybelline’s Color Sensational Matte lipstick in Daringly Nude.



Name Drop – matte finish
This is a lighter version of Electric Feel. It has a brighter pink colour with a warm undertone. I think it would look great on people with fairer skin tone. So I think it would look awesome when I lose my tan during the winter season. Well, looking forward during January!




On Display – crème finish
I-LOVE-THIS-RED. This is the perfect vintage, pin-up, cherry red lipstick. It is the bright red lipstick with a blue undertone. If you are looking for THE Christmas red lipstick and happened to be placing an order on Colourpop, I recommend this one. Normally, popping red lipstick washout out my face, but this colour does not that. Also, love the formula, it glides on perfectly. But keep in mind, the red does stain your lips.



Check Please – matte finish
Wanted to have something wild in my makeup collection, so yes, I bought a true orange coloured lipstick. I think it’s rare to find an orange lipstick, especially at a great price. It is a pumpkin, bright orange. So if you are looking for a funky colour, head over to Colourpop! They also have other fun colours, not just Fenti Beauty. P.S. You would think, how on earth you can pull off an orange lipstick. Do what I do, pair with a simple peach or a brown base orange eye look. Most importantly, pair it with an orange base blush, it ties the look altogether without overdoing it!

– My thoughts on the Lux Lipsticks –

I really like it much better than their liquid lipsticks and Lippie sticks. They do not oxidize, they do not dry out or give you texture.

If I would choose between the matte and crème finish from the Lux collection, I would much prefer the crème. I appreciate the comfort of the formula and it glides on very well like butter. You only need 1 swipe and you are pretty much covered. I also like the fact that even if it’s a crème formula, it doesn’t leave is a big amount of shine on your lips. It almost looks like matte when you wear it.

The matte finish is good, the finish is great. The only thing I like the least from the matte lux lipsticks is the fact they are a bit dry. So when you try to glide it on, it is a tiny bit harder to glide on. And when you are wearing it, it feels a bit chalky. But nothing major. I might suggest you put on a lip balm first so it feels more hydrating.

For the packaging, I think they really nailed it. I really like the heavy feeling of the metal they use for the lipstick. It feels very expensive and I love the rose gold. I also think that the imprint of the bullet adds an extra touch. Not too much but just right.

Other than that, I am happy with my purchase compared to my previous purchases of liquid lipsticks. I think Colourpop is doing great improvements in their product. I also bought a highlighter, brow pencil and a lip gloss. I am planning to write a separate post. So stay tuned!

– Melissa xo’

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