My Colourpop loot – Mini haul (Pt. 2)

I recently did a Colourpop order, mainly for their Lux Lipsticks. I have already done the part one. In which I swatched and reviewed 4 different shades: Electric Feel, Name drop, Check Please and On Display.

– My mini haul part 2 –

So here is my mini haul part 2:

Precision eyebrow pencil – in Cool Cocoa

colour pop lux lipstick name drop pink makeup look
Eyebrows with the Precision eyebrow pencil in Cool Cocoa

I think I fell in love with this pencil! The product is just the right amount of firmness and softness. It isn’t too waxy or gel-like, so it won’t make your brows feel stiff and gewpy. I like the fact that the pencil has a thin lead. I prefer much more this than a triangle shaped one. Colourpop’s has 3 different brow pencils and if you are the kind of person who needs to do your brows fast, the Precision Eyebrow Pencil is great to fill in the brows quickly while able to make hair-like strokes with its thin tip.

Ultra Glossy Lip x Shayla – Neat Freak



This lipgloss has small gold and pink specs of shimmer with a very light rose gold undertone. From the bottle, the gloss looked liked like a rose gold lip product. But it turns out to be very transparent. It still looks great on its own but I would prefer it to have more shimmers or opaque. If I wear it just like that, it will look like an ordinary gloss. Or it could remind me of kids makeup. However, I would recommend to put it on top of a lipstick. It will add an extra oomph to your look!

Super Shock Cheek – Spell Bound



O.M.G this is one of the softest shadows I have ever touched. It’s so plush! It’s my first time owning a super shock cheek. So while I am placing an order on Colorpop I decided to get one to try it out. From the container, the product looks like a creamy highlight with tiny purple and pink iridescent specs. However, when you apply it, only the purple specs shows up. As it says on the product, it is a glittery highlighter. Do not expect it to look like a traditional highlight. This would look absolutely great in the inner corners of the eyes our shoulders.

– My mini thoughts on Colourpop’s products –

I remember Colourpop started with their Super Matte lipsticks and Lippie sticks. While Kathleenlights were talking about them. Everyone loves their liquid lipsticks but surprisingly I wasn’t a fan. However, ever since they started selling other makeup products, including foundations, highlighters, eyeshadows, brow products, I think they really nailed on the makeup section more than their lip products. I definitely recommend to try out their brow pencil because not only it’s super affordable but it is a great item. So when you are placing an order, make sure to have it in your cart.

If you haven’t read my part 1 on their Lux Lipsticks, make sure to check that out. They are my favourite line from the lip products! Click here.

– A few photos from my Lux Lipstick post –



– Melissa xo’


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