Creative ways for gift cards wrapping and packaging

Gift card creative wrapping SOS!

Christmas is around the corner and I know everyone is excited about this season. I mean, I started listening to Christmas music since mid-November and I am the kind of person who will also put up the tree at the beginning of November. When December arrived, my mom wanted to ask me to find a creative way to wrap up a gift card for my sister. So while I was researching, I thought it could be a good idea to compile all the creative gift card wrapping that I like.

I think gift cards are great. You can never go wrong with gift cards when you know what the person shopping preference. On the other hand, I think the down side of receiving gift cards would be quite boring because it’s not an “actual” gift. And when I give gifts, I like the aspect of putting thoughts into the present. In this case, since it’s only a gift card, having a more creative wrapping can compensate the boring card itself and fun to receive.

Here are a few gift card wrapping, easy and creative to make:

  1. Candy/Chocolate mason jar: I really love this one because everyone loves chocolate and it’s really cute and easy to do. – and yes, that’s what I’m going to do with the gift from my mom 😀
  2. Snowglobe mason jar: Again another idea involving mason jars. Not only are the jars cute but I think this is awesome when you have more than 1 gift card to give to one or multiple people. When you have multiple ones, they could be such a cute decoration!DIY-Gift-Card-Snowglobe
  3. If you are giving out a Starbucks or coffee gift card, well why not craft a cardholder that is literally a coffee mug shape?! Pretty cute, isn’t it? DIY-Starbucks-Cup-Gift-Card-Holder
  4. a Thousand Wish jar: If you have the time, this one is super thoughtful. This reminds me of the origami little stars that I used to make and I would fill big jars with all these tiny 3D stars in a jar. The same concept for this one, but instead, write a wish in each piece of paper and have the other one to open them while you can store a gift card there. SAMSUNG
  5. Make a wreath: It’s the season and it’s awesome if you want to give multiple gift cards. You can make it with different materials and colours. Super easy too! Cute-Gift-Card-Wreath

Hope you guys will find this post helpful! Let me know how you make your gift card presentation! I really wish all of you a great holiday season. Full of love and happiness ❤

– Melissa xo’

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