Bujo: December Bullet Journaling

Yes, it’s already mid-December, Christmas is around the corner and I am just writing this post just now to show you my December BUJO spreads. Although, I still hope that this spread would inspire those of you who will travel. Last month, I wrote about what I learned about bullet journals, how it helped my mental health at work, my progress since I first started in August to now, along my tips and recommendations of materials for beginners (read here). Now as promised, I would like to continue to show my monthly journey of my spreads.

This month’s theme is Denmark. Yup, by the time the post is up, I will be in Denmark 🇩🇰 for the first time visiting Claus for the holidays!

So I decided to draw out Copenhagen on the monthly spread (cover) to set the theme and with the calendar in the middle just like my last month’s design.

P.S. You may see I patched up the calendar part, it is because I didn’t know how to count and I skipped day 12 & 13… and only found out after I coloured everything in because I noticed the day I am flying ended up on a Thursday and not a Saturday. #Idontknowhowtocount

While December is all about the Christmas red and white, with all those festive colours, I decided to use a more colourful pastel palette to represent the winter weather. Paring with a muted jean blue and a soft grey colours throughout the whole month.

Following with my weekly spread, I continued with the same concept as last month as well. Having my days laid out horizontally and check boxes for my tasks. Along with my counting down of my sleeps before my flight day ❤

Happy Holidays and Happy New year! 🥳

– Melissa xo’

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