Violet Voss’ Flamingo Pro Eyeshadow Palette Review, Swatch & Eyelooks

During the VIB 20% sale that happened not long ago, I wanted to treat myself with a new eyeshadow palette. The last time I got a palette was probably back in December/January when my sister gifted me the Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes Palette (read here). I always wanted to look for a palette that contains colourful eyeshadows so I can add to my natural and warm tone collections, therefore I got myself the Violet Voss’ Flamingo Pro palette.

I haven’t seen a lot of review on Youtube and only a few blog posts about it. The reviews are a bit of a mixed but I also really wanted to see live swatches but there weren’t many available. So I took a bet and bought the palette myself.

– The Violet Voss Flamingo Palette breakdown –

The palette has 20 of 0.06 oz shadows with a mix of 7 foils, 2 toppers, 1 satin and 10 mattes. The foils have a variety of finishes, some are duo chrome, gold shifts or simple foils. The palette comes with a big mirror and it retails for $60.00 CAD.


– Swatches –

The shadows are very smooth to the touch. Especially the foil finished one.

Foil finishes: They are stunning when you apply it with your finger or with a wet brush for full-effect. They have really great intensity. I think that Voss Violet makes great foil shadows over their matte shades. I have always been a matte shadow girl, but this palette changed me. I really like the different finishes of the foil as well.

Mattes: There are some hits and misses with their mattes but 90% of them are great! They are not so great when doing finger swatches but as we all know, finger swatch doesn’t necessarily give justice to all products. I think it blends BEAUTIFULLY with brushes and that’s what we want anyway. The only 3 shadows that are not that great was the 3 pastel ones: Flamingos, Oceanfront and Lemonade. The baby blue and the yellow are a bit chalky and not as pigmented as I want them to be. Otherwise, the other shadows are still great!

Finger swatch by rows:



Swatches of all the foil and shimmer shadows:


– Different eye looks uniquely using the palette –

The colour story of this palette is really well chosen and laid out. I am not very creative when it comes to eye looks but when I look at the Flamingo palette, it automatically gives me inspiration of different combos I can do. The colours are colourful but not to the point is not usable. They can easily be worn on a normal day.

The setting of each row can easily create a unique and stunning eye look. Since there are more than 35% foil/shimmer, it really gives you more options to create new looks. Also because of the colour scheme selection flows well, you almost can mix any colour together to create a wearable eye look.




– Conclusion –


  • Finger swatch: 7/10
  • Pigmentation: 7.5/10
  • Blendability: 8.5/10
  • Colour Choice: 9.5/10

I have mixed feelings for this palette. Probably because I expected so much to be super awesome shadows like Too Faced quality when I finger swatched them. However, I must say that when using a brush, I think the pigmentation is just the right amount to build up without grabbing too much and ruin your whole look. Colour wise, I think it has a good variety of choices. I really enjoy the colour selection, definitely a good palette to keep around for its colour and foil shadows.

I wouldn’t push to recommend to be a must-have palette but if you really like the colour scheme of the palette I think you should go for it. Simply because I think the sorbet themed colours are pretty unique. The only thing I really hope they had was a warm dark chocolate brown because it would be more complete for eye looks.

– Melissa xo’

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