Using finishing face powder to fix oily hair (no dry shampoo needed)

Alternative for using dry shampoo use finishing and magnifying powder

I am sure we all need an SOS solution once in a while when our hair gets greasy but we don’t have time to wash it. What IF you ran out of dry shampoo or you need it on the spot but you don’t have any on you? There are many alternatives to replace dry shampoos, such as using baby powder, dryer sheets, corn starch, etc. many blogs have written about them.

I mean… what if you are out and about… it’s not like you always carry a full-size dry shampoo around or some dryer sheets or corn starch…

One thing for sure, you can use is your mattifying finishing powder. If you have loose, finely milled, ones are even better. Almost everyone who uses makeup has this in their purses, else, it’s really a simple item to carry around anyway.

I’ve been doing this for quite some time, and the result is just as good as dry shampoos, or even better. All I do is use my NYX HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder and a brush. I would take a very small amount on a brush and gently swipe it from my roots to mid-length of my hair. It will instantly absorb and mattifies my hair. Just like when you blot your face with some powder to retouch.

It’s a great quick fix in the public toilet, really.

If you put too much, you just need to shake it off like a white cast from dry shampoos. Just be mindful to go little by little, then you will be fine! Normally this method could last me for 2 full days. Which is none of the dry shampoos can last that long on me.

I’ve done a few research, from the top links on Google, most of them recommended baby powder, flour, corn starch and even perfume but it wasn’t common that they recommended mattifying finishing powder. I just think this product is so much better to carry around or probably you even have that in your makeup bag already. Travel light is always key for me.

Hope you find it helpful!

I also wrote about Sephora’s Top 5 best sellers dry shampoo and ranking their performance. You can click here to read it 😀

– Melissa xo’

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