Claus’ Tips For Travel – Part 3 – Flight Updates

So, time to cover a small detail about air travel!

Finding tickets, packing bags, how to stay healthy and other aspects of travelling by plane is going to be covered in future posts, but for this one, I will be looking at how to deal with updated flight schedules. I was inspired by Melissas’ recent trip to Denmark where she had a hard time finding her flight because the gate had been moved, nearly resulting in her missing her flight.

I have tried it myself several times. I am given a flight ticket with a gate number and a departure time. I go through security and find the gate listed on my ticket, after walking around the airport for a while. When I finally get there, the screen at the gate says it’s going to a completely different country than where I was supposed to go! Gate has been moved, or the flight has been delayed.

Some tickets will already give you the gate number. Others will not. No matter the case, the gate can at any time be moved, so keep your eyes and ears open for changes.

The thing about updated flight gates or schedules is that you will not always hear about them. The simplest thing to do is to keep yourself well informed on the flight without relying too much on the airport’s PA system.

Nearly every time a flight has had their gate moved, it will be announced on the PA system for all to hear. The trouble with this is, you might have a conversation going, or stuffing your face full of the local airport’s delicacies. Headphones and the noise of hundreds of people walking around is not going to help the matter further.

Flight departure screens at Schipol Airport, The Netherlands

The first thing I do every time I land at an airport for a connection, or when I need to board my first plane on a trip is I look at the flight departure information screens. These are nifty screens located all around showing the details of when the next aircrafts are going to depart. But! They will also tell you so much more.

  • Original departure time
  • Cause of any delay / Cancellation
  • Departure gate

Some airports even tell their passengers what is happening at the gate, such as if the gate is open, the plane is being boarded or if it is time for you to start walking towards your gate.

IMG_0839 2.jpeg
Flight departure screens at Schipol Airport, The Netherlands

So if you ever find yourself in the situation where you are at the gate it states on your ticket, but your flight is nowhere to be seen or heard of, chances are they might have moved the gate. Go to your nearest departure information screen to find the updated details.

Talking with the staff of the airport is also a great solution if you are still in doubt of where to go or if your plane has a new schedule. The best bet is always to start at the information desk, which can be found looking at any map of the airport, or by following the signs overhead.

If you are like me, and would rather not go to an information desk, another possibility is to log on to the airport’s WiFi (if they have one), and check your flight through one of your devices. Usually, if you write in your flight number in google it will give you most of the information that you need.

If this is not enough, you can keep yourself updated through either the local airport’s website or the website of the airline that you are flying with.

This has been a small part of travelling but I have met many people, including myself, who have been confused when this happens to them. I hope it will bring you some ease on your next flight knowing you can always find flight updates right around the corner.

Safe travels,


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