Boju: March Bullet Journaling


Time for some bullet journaling post. I really wanted to share this month’s layout because I think it’s very different in terms of layout, usabilities and theme. The page layout is inspired by Amanda Rach Lee on Youtube and Instagram.

This month’s layout consists of shorter pages for the weekly spread while keeping both first and last page in full length. This page layout allows me to see the monthly calendar and the notes column while going through the month.

Therefore, this layout is super useful for the way I use my journal. I use my journal for my 9-5 work purpose and I also like to work with weekly spreads because it gives me enough space to write down my daily tasks and transfer them to the next day.

My journal is a smaller handbook size with squared pages. I started off with a new spread, where I marked the monthly calendar column at about 1/3 of a page from the left. And on the 7th page, where it suppose to be the last week of the month of March, I marked the column with the same width for my notes.



For the pages in between, I cut the rest off to the same length as the columns I drew on the first and last page. So whenever I flip the pages, I will always see the calendar and my notes from my meetings.

For the colour of this month, I really wanted to do something with my favourite colour, baby blue / Turquoise. I happened to receive a part of my order on Kawaii Pen order and it came with a thin pastel blue washi tape. Since I used a turquoise marker to mark the divided the pages, I wrapped the side of the cutout pages with the tape to make the shorter pages stand out.

As for the theme, I really didn’t know what to do. A lot of inspo on IG was green and leaf themed for spring. I wanted to challenge myself to do something different. Since it was a blue themed, I paired it with clouds.

If you want to read about my findings and research before beginning my bullet journal, keep on reading here!

– Melissa xo’

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