The easiest​ way to wash your Beauty Blender at Home

simple way to wash your beauty blender makeup sponge with a soap bar

Thought it would be great to write about how I clean my beauty blender, or makeup sponge, at home. It is a super short post, but I thought it was one of the greatest and simplest ways to clean it with a soap bar. It will only take 2 mins and you will be done!

I am not even sure if people would want to know how to wash their beauty blenders since it’s just such a simple task that no one will consider finding new ways for it. At least, I didn’t. But I found this out on a randomly on YouTube.

What I used to do was to use hand soap in the palm of my hand and trying to rub the makeup sponge till it absorbs the soap in and I rinse it off with lukewarm water. Normally this process could take, maybe, 10 mins and I have to repeat the steps at least 3 times. I just think it’s super boring, tedious and also wasting a lot of water by doing so.

Another way I tried was putting the beauty blender with my laundry so I can be a lazy bum. But nope! not only it left a strong detergent scent (which I do not like for my face)  and it made some small tears. So, ladies and gents, please don’t do that.

So the way I found that works best and cost-efficient to wash your beauty blender without purchasing a special product, simply use a soap bar. Yes, a soup bar that will only take you 2 to 3 minutes to make your beauty blender super clean!

All you need to do is:

  1. Wet your beauty blender/makeup sponge throughout with warm-to-hot water.
  2. Wet your soap till it’s covered with water.
  3. Hold the soap in the palm of your hand and start rubbing your soap on it out of the water. As you run the sponge against the soap bar, let it absorb the soap into it. You will see it will start to lather into a thick foam in the sponge.
  4. If you feel that the soap is getting dry because of the sponge absorbing everything, run both under the water again and take it way.
  5. Once you see the soap starts to lather into a thick foam in the sponge, you can start rinsing the sponge with warm-to-hot water by squeezing in and out the water till it’s clear.

Normally, it should be very clean for the first time doing 1 to 5 or else the second time should do the trick. 

Like that, you use less water, saves you more time and easy to clean a dirty blending sponge.

Hope you found it helpful! If you have any other trick that you like, let me know! 🙂

– Melissa xo’

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