How to easily heal a cold sore (with rubbing alcohol)

fastest way to heal a cold sore by using rubbing alcohol

Cold sore?? Oh, those nasty monsters that flare up a few times during the year without any invitation to your party. But yes, I do have seasonal cold sores. They develop on the tip of my nose (septum) area. As you all know cold sores look really not nice, especially when I get a pink or even bleeding nose tip!

At first, I have no idea what I had because I always associate them as breakouts only happen on the lips. One day I went to my pharmacist and she explained to me what I had on my nose and what mostly causes it. She also recommended a few things to could prevent cold sores and how to treat them and fasten up the healing process from, 7-11 days down to 3-4 days.

My septum would start turning pink and very sensitive to the touch. On the second day, it starts to swell while I try really hard not to have contact with it because with the slightest touch, it will… well… breakout into puss. Sorry #TMI. If that happens, well the healing process will take around 7 days or more!

As I was speaking with my pharmacist, she pointed out that it was indeed a cold sore. At first, I had a hard time believing her because, in my mind, it can only happen on the lips. She told me that cold sores can happen anywhere on the body and face, in any shape and sizes. And for me, it’s on my septum.

So where does cold sore come from?

As we all know, we can catch them if someone at the moment has it and both of you used the same glass, utensils or other things that both of you touched, bla-bla-bla… But here is also what the pharmacist told me why they flare up:

  • Too stressed
  • Seasonal, usually in the winter season
  • Your immune system is getting weak
  • Lack of vitamin C
  • Fatigue
  • Exposed to too much UV/Sun

She recommended a few ways to treat a cold sore but it all depends on the stage of it. She said that, if I already know when it will flare up (in my case seasonal changes), I can prevent by:

  • rest and relax more
  • Take vitamin C and zinc supplements
  • use dedicated solutions for the cold sore, like Abreva

However, those are mostly preventions. As my pharmacist told me, if the cold sore has already broken out (aka, bleeding or have puss) it is already too late to use special cream like Abreva. Instead, she has suggested me to use one thing: Rubbing Alcohol.

Yes, rubbing alcohol. The product will be able to dry out the wound and also disinfect the cold sore. Ever since I started using that, my healing process took only 3 days and I have done this for 3 years already. Not only is shortened the healing time but it prevents it to worsen.

As I read on google, you can apply lysine to heal your cold sore but the process is very tedious. You will need to apply every 2 hours for 11 days! That’s almost 2 weeks to heal a nasty cold sore!

Myself, I got individually packed rubbing alcohol cotton pads. And I use it whenever I wash my face. So typically, in the morning and after my shower in the evening.

If I also find myself, starting to get a cold sore, like the appearance of a pink and sensitive spot, I will already start using the rubbing alcohol to make the development of the cold sores less “aggressive”. Which is also some kind of prevention as well.

I hope you find this helpful for all of you who has cold sores! It’s so painful and a struggle too. I just think this method must be shared to the world as it’s not very common.

– Melissa xo’

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