My latest Spotify obsession: Jazz Vibes playlist

I recently discovered a new Spotify playlist that I’ve been obsessed with for the past 2 months. If you like Jazz with lo-fi style beats, this is for you!

I really like to listen to jazz to relax and rest my mind for a little when I’m off work. That hour of bus ride is my only time to unwind before getting home and start the evening routine.

There’s something about jazz that makes me in a good mood every time, especially on rainy days. And of course, Lo-fi and Chill beats are all the rage right now. Mixing both jazz and the nostalgic sounding beats are just plain awesome.

If you are worried because you don’t like Jazz, don’t worry. This is more of a Lo-Fi playlist that has a touch of jazz. Think of it’s a good lounge/wine night kind of vibe. I love to listen to this while cooking and having dinner. Cheers!

Give this playlist a shot. Hope you like this share ❤️

– Melissa xo’

Photo by Nur Andi Ravsanjani Gusma

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