What is ‘Havn’Chu Seen?’ ?

The Blog

Havn’Chu Seen? is a life/feel good blog by a long-distance relationship couple, Claus Havn and Melissa Chu… get it?

We thought we were being terribly clever.

Basically, we will post about whatever we find interesting, makes us feel good or just want to share. Our posts can include, but are not limited to (disclaimer):

  • Games
  • Cute Stuff
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • DIY
  • Home Decor
  • Food!
  • Daily Experiences
  • Entertainment
  • Misc. Nerdy Stuff
  • Etc.

The Authors

The authors of ‘Havn’Chu Seen?’ as described by themselves:

Claus Havn

I am Claus [klaʊs], an automation engineer working around the world trying to make things work, meeting deadlines, long hours, writing reports, etc. With my experiences from this and in my frustration with how the world is overly business-y and serious, I wanted to express myself from a more happy-go-lucky, light-hearted point of view.

Some of my greatest interests are Melissa (I was told to put this here), programming,  electronics, games, cute things, Melissa, mechanics and whatever else catches my fancy.

There are always a million projects going on at once since there are so many things I want to try but do not have the time to do. Because of this, I rarely follow through on these projects and start on something else. I comfort myself with the fact that they are just hobby projects, and not something I am supposed to do for a living. My main point is that I am having fun while doing them.

For me, the important part is not the destination, but the journey….. and Melissa.

‘Melissa did totally not sit beside me while I was writing this’

Melissa Chu

Hi, I am Melissa, a short, very short, 4’10” whimsy girl doing marketing and graphic design for a living and loves unicorns (and, to Claus, I am a unicorn). In general, I am a messy and clumsy person. My physical spaces are always a mess but when it comes to work and things I do, my works need to be clean, clear and perfect – or else I will lose myself along the way.

I don’t have a lot of interests but a few that I do quite often: gaming, graphic design, makeup & fashion, cute stuff in general, coffee & food, YouTube and lastly, Claus. HUE HUE, got to include him somewhere, right?

I have already blogged before but only dedicated to beauty and fashion. Then I slowly feel unmotivated due lack of inspiration, also becoming a routine-fied kind of hobby. Because of my full-time job, I really needed something that keeps me updated of the outside world, beyond only makeup and fashion. Until Claus suggested to start a new one where we can document anything that makes us feel good. Also in hopes, it will do the same to people who need something to delight their day.

Let’s bring cute stuff and good vibes to the world! 😀