Ippei-chan Yakisoba Japanese Style Noodles by Myojo

Ippei-chan Yakisoba Japanese Style Noodles by Myojo – Instant Noodle Review

I am not much of a reviewer of any sorts as I am not very good at throwing adjectives around. Even so, I have recently found that there is more to the world of instant noodles than I previously thought, so this is my first post of the new INR (Instant Noodle Review)! This whole […]

My bullet journal journey, review, thoughts, mental health and tips

What I learned about bullet journaling: tips, recommended tools and mental health

I started bullet journaling in August. Before I started, I have been trying many ways to keep my work tasks organized because my to-dos are starting to stack up and my brain has reached its capacity to able to keep up with it. Most importantly, listing out my tasks has helped my “mental health” a […]

Snail's House x Moe Shop Pastel - Upbeat and Cute music

Another Cute and Up Beat Music: Snail’s House × Moe Shop – Pastel

Art from the music video, by Noel. Hello! Here is another wonderful find of a cute beat for your day! Claus introduced me to Snail’s House since we found out we both like “cute” beats. This came up the other day on my Youtube recommended list. Snail’s House leans more towards the cute and dreamy-ish beats […]

Cute Couple Comics Of What Relationships Are Like by Mrs. Frollein | #happySharing

I was scrolling through Facebook on February 15th and found these cute couple comics by Valérie Minelli, aka @mrs.Frollein on Instagram. They are just so cute and relatable too. The ones I found was posted by a page featuring a few of her works, illustrating of what it is like in a relationship. Of course, […]